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At K7W, we offer a comprehensive range of quality decking services. Whether you have a new property or are looking to renovate your existing deck, we are here to help meet all your deck needs. Our skilled team is experienced in deck repair, ensuring that any damages are promptly fixed to maintain the safety and aesthetics of your deck.

Additionally, we specialize in deck refinishing services, reviving worn-out surfaces and enhancing the overall appearance of your deck. We also provide professional sealing, waterproofing, and deck staining services, ensuring that your deck is well protected from the elements and maintains its beauty for years to come.

Moreover, our deck cleaning services, performed through professional power washing techniques, effectively remove dirt, grime, and mold, leaving your deck looking as good as new. Whether you have a small residential project or a larger commercial one, our dedicated staff will strive to make your deck shine, ready to withstand any weather conditions.

Contact us for all services for maintaining your home from the outside. Get an estimate today! Call us at 708-446-6929.


Building: porch decks, gazebos, fencing, pergolas

Painting & Staining

Repair replacement

Power washing

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